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Time flies and it’s hard to believe that we’ve been in business for 15 years. It seems as though we’ve started yesterday – we have celebrated our 15th anniversary! Based on our 15 year existence we have taken the occasion to renovate our own office entirely. We are now able to invite our clients into a new interior design with new corporate identity of our brand in which the values and details we have applied during the last 15 years are reflected.


Well organised working space

Large-scale work decks offer each staff-member a well-arranged and well-organised layout of documents and plans. All tables are electrically adjustable in height and offer all team members the possibility to work either standing or sitting.

The meeting point for our team during the working hours or after closing time is the internal «Detail Design Bar». It is a perfect spot to undertake exciting discussions and project-related debates. It also offers staff-members to take a little bit distance from the daily working station and get some rest.

The main entrance to our offices was originally a closed corridor without any natural daylight immission. By incorporating two large-scale horizontal window «boxes» we managed to change the reception area from originally dark to bright and very inviting.

New and unusual office design created by Roger J. Copeland – Our own newly created office facilities of Detail Design in Zurich (Switzerland).