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For the first time since Detail Design was founded we had been entrusted by a rehabilitation clinic to create a first exciting project for them. The existing lounge area of the clinic was about to be redesigned and renovated to the favour of patients and guests. Our credo was adding up to the point that patients should be treated as guests and their healing phase is also based on psychological objectives. Colour-psychological principles combined with a wellbalanced material selection were utmost important in the development of this project. The new attractive ambiance in the lounge shall offer the clinic’s patients and guests a pleasant stay and provide the necessary atmospheric support for their healing.

Pleasant Atmosphere

Warm colour tones and materials were primarily important in order to create a pleasant atmosphere in an originally rather cool environment. The sandstone floor tiles combined with the dark wooden furniture components and mood-coloured leather seats offers guests the required impression.

The lounge in the Rehabilitation Centre in Valens is well-equipped with the required entertainment media. Two televisions were incorporated into the wooden wall cladding and in addition the lounge offers patients and guests a certain collection of entertainment magazines and newspapers.

The design development of all construction and fit-out details is for our design agency utmost important. The word «detail» was even utilised as the most important component of our brand name und is the warranty for our quality understanding and -management.

Inviting, friendly, with warm atmospheric ambiance – the new lounge and seating area of the Rehabilitation Centre in Valens.

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