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An additional project in the Rehabilitation Centre of Walenstadtberg came up for the same clinic operator upon completion of the initial lounge project in Valens. The existing therapy building was about to be renovated and refreshed. A building which was originally foreseen for indoor riding was transformed into a therapy room in the eighties and was now renovated and refreshed by Detail Design. All windows were enlarged down to floor level in order to improve the natural daylight conditions and also in order to offer patients a spectacular view into the valley and onto the opposite mountains. The entire concept of materials and colours is leaned on the lounge-project in Valens.

Totally refreshed therapy building

The therapy building of the clinic Walenstadtberg was disassembled right down to the raw structure and totally refreshed. New and full faced windows were built into the facade, the floor was fitted out with a specific sport floor. The entire ceiling is equipped with light panels and acoustic shields.

The existing ramp bridging the difference in height between the buildings has remained but equipped with a new disabled ramp lift for those patients who are unable to walk up the ramp by themselves. The lift also serves people in wheelchairs who don’t have the power to push themselves up to the upper level.

In order to supply the therapy facilities with some visual warmth, parts of the surrounding walls were cladded with wood. That way the room does not appear as cool as it is usually the case in sport facilities. The beige-grey acoustic shields at the ceiling combined with the beige floor fit perfectly to the rest.

Light-flooded, open and farsighted with warm colour tones and fit-out material – the new therapy facilities of the Rehabilitation Centre in Walenstadtberg.

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