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AIR - short, sleek and unmistakable, the restaurant, bakery, bar and terrace concept was given the name. The name does not leave any questions open as to what this is all about in our airport culinarium - it's about aviation, flying, traveling and about our most important home port (Zurich International Airport) from where the gigantic steely birds take off and into which they land.

The AIR gastronomy design reflects in its holistic appearance many facets of a decades-long airport development in the retrospective. The challenging part concerning the design of the AIR restaurant was to provide a visual bridge between contemporary interior design and emotional airport history.

Equally challenging was the use of the term "experience" gastronomy. In the creative design of the F&B design concept, we wanted to give airport guests and airport employees an honest and genuine design statement with the memorable values of an airport development. For example, all of the surfaces of the AIR restaurant, whether floor, walls or ceilings, are adorned with a well-balanced composition of design features that are unmistakably correlated with the development of an international airport.

Giant aircraft engines in the format of the Airbus 340 are mounted on some ceiling parts above the guest’s seating area and they serve as indirect lighting. In a playful way, some larger and smaller cloud lights fly over the guest area and visually reflect the clouds in the sky through which pilots must safely navigate their aircrafts.

The suspended Lucellino bird lights fly through the clouds in the sky and are supposed to conjure a smile on the faces of the guests with their light bulb shape with feather wings. Adjacent to the Bakery design, the wall is decorated with a suitcase composition reminiscent of loaded luggage trolleys. They are historic suitcases from the past, which are bound together in a kind of "patchwork" and cover the entire wall. Even the propeller counters in the free-flow area remind our guests of a real aircraft body.

All design features such as the airplane cover, the suitcase art, the flight guiding lines on the ground, the red signal lights on the ceiling and the black-and-white mood images in the walls containing aviation-based content, will bring our guests on entering the AIR restaurant, an airport atmosphere into the highest degree of experience.

It can be clearly seen that the AIR restaurant area in Zurich Airport reflects values of the present as well as historical attributes in terms of design direction - all with a valuable quality that neither excludes nor creates fear of anxiety. It is an experience-oriented, culinary meeting place for all people, for young and old, for women and men for business travelers and tourists and for employees of Zurich Airport!

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