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The multi-brand fashion shop in the Landside Shopping Centre in Zurich Airport is a classic retail concept with modern and innovative design. The individual brands are shown in a refined combination of classic and modern. The challenge of this concept has lead to the creation of an attractive and classic «framework design» with an aesthetically convincing result. This creates an atmosphere in the boutique bringing the customers into the sphere of worldfamous catwalk designers.

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The classic shop design of the Cult Fashion Shop at Zurich Airport embeds a selection of modern and contemporary fashion brands within their own individual shop-in-shops. The visual appearance of the shop offers its visitors impressions of excitement and contrasts.

«When classic meets modern». The portico structure was designed with classic design features. Perfectly illuminated showcases provide an ideal method of presentation for the more exclusive products.

Due to the quite reduced room height of the shop we suggested to not incorporate any sort of suspended ceiling. The intentional display of infrastructural installations was plant from the beginning and this provides the somehow «groovy» character to this retail unit.

Fashion for the young and the young-at-heart in the Cult Fashion Shop at Zurich Airport’s shopping centre – An attractive, contrasty and timeless design concept.

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