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Travel fascination is the basic theme of this unique bar- & café concept and the design and visual appearance of the Fernweh Bar (itchy feet) have been brought into context of this theme. Passengers and guests are offered a visual world of dreams on large multiscreen walls. The theme «1000 places to go before you die» presents exotic beaches, dramatic mountain regions and mystic forests, the most beautiful spots on this planet. The same applies to the architecture of the bar which is designed with organic shapes without any edges, starting with the oval bar which symbolises a sea shell, continuing to the shining drops in the bulkhead symbolising the pearls right to the coastline shape seating benches.

Oval and organic shapes

Inspired by the organic architecture of the Airport Shopping Centre the visual appearance of the Fernweh Bar had been created with oval and organic shapes. The bar integrates itself seamlessly into the existing building as if it had been there from the very beginning.

Up to 8000 guests visit the Fernweh Bar at Zurich International Airport on a highly frequented Saturday afternoon. The entire design concept combined with the earth-coloured materials just fits into the exiting appearance of the Airport Shopping Center and invites guests to enjoy the environment.

Simply unique are the organic shaped sofas in terms of form language. They remind people of sandy dunes which were formed by stormy desert winds.

The oval bulkheads over the seating area symbolise a sea shell collectively together with the chromium light drops as embedded pearls.

The Fernweh Bar with incorporated confectionery & chocolate shop at Zurich Airport – an integrating design concept which fits perfectly into the existing architecture of the building.

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