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Affordable land for building in the agglomeration of Zurich has become more than rare. The land prices have become more and more expensive over the last decades and even middle class families can hardly finance such levels of costs anymore. Detail Design now offers six families the opportunity to purchase their new family-home based on a compact construction method with a fantastic view into the central Swiss mountains and into the argovian landscape and with an upper-class fit-out standard. Picturesque sunsets sweeten the evening hours with a glass of wine on the first floor terrace of the individual buildings.

A place to meet

The centrally located park between the rear and the front two house rows offers all six families a place to meet and also an utmost discrete and protected recreation- & playground for their children. Each family has an own garden and in addition to that two large-scale terraces – one on the ground floor and one upstairs.

The architectural language is contemporary modern and composed with a well-balanced material selection. The shells of the six individual buildings consist of only five materials – wood, natural stone, metal, concrete and glass. The park landscape is an oasis of various trees, planters and flowers.

Even the rear part of the family homes shows a quite unconventional architectural shape. As the developer of the design, we incorporated some smaller French balconies/terraces in order to create some exciting lighting effects in conjunction with the roof window above the staircase.

As the responsible designers and architects, we involved the entire neighbourhood into the design of the project in order to prevent them from fear that the buildings could throw too much shadow onto their own gardens or reduce the free view into the central Swiss mountains.

Modern and contemporary architecture based on a compact construction method and with the requested economical use of land for building, which is getting rarer and rarer.

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