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The new «Holiday Inn Express Hotel» is located adjacent to Zurich Airport, a traffic communication hub in Switzerland. The modern clean lines of the building create an architectural character reflecting the needs of its international clientele. Exclusive ambience, 163 double rooms, well fitted conference rooms and comfortable bar and restaurant guarantee an enjoyable stay.

Very open and inviting drop-off area

The drop-off area of the hotel is very open and inviting. It offers guests to arrive under a protected porch roof. The Patio is furnished with external seating and is decorated with colourful trees and planters – all embedded by the two wings of the building.

The Holiday Inn Express Hotel’s reception, bar and buffet concept is designed as one combined unity. Waiting time at the reception can be bridged with a welcome drink at the bar before being checked in.

The hotel restaurant on the groundfloor level of the hotel is furnished with warm and inviting materials and colours. Guests enjoy breakfast and dinner in an attractive and utmost comfortable environment.

The first Holiday Inn Express Hotel near Zurich International Airport – A Budget hotel with attractive architectonic outlook.

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