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Our first project for James Richardson Duty Free in «down under» New Zealand was a real positive challenge and a great experience as a whole. For the first time in the history of Detail Design we adventured territories which exceeded the European and Middle East borderlines, in order to build a store which is located 18’400 kilometres away from our home base. It was very informative and interesting to study the Maori culture of New Zealand and based on that to design and develop a travel retail concept which does not solely pursue commercial goals but also partially reflects local values of the original native population of New Zealand.

Modern architecture in New-Zealand

Perfumes from Paris, Whisky from the highlands of Scotland, watches out of Switzerland and many products more from all over the world prove that New Zealand is no longer so far from anywhere as global maps may show.

Local products like Wine from New Zealand make the product assortment complete. After having visited the numerous wine regions of the two islands, one cannot refuse to buy a couple of those wonderful wines to bring back home.

One of the most important ideas in the creation of this shop was leaving away any sort of suspended ceilings. With this idea the shop was optically enlarged and became much more inviting compared to the competitors shops in the direct environment. Market share of 40% to 60% as it was before changed to 60% to 40% market share after reopening of the stores.

The shop is open 24 hours a day and because of that there was no reason to install any sort of facade or shop fronts – the effect out of it that passengers get the feel of an open and very inviting travel retail store.

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