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More than sixty shop projects, shop-in-shops and counter shops were designed and executed by Detail Design in the european area over the past five years for the most popular chocolate company of Switzerland. The expansion plans of Lindt & Sprüngli are also based on the roll-out of retail shops on a global platform. These expansion plans incorporated also the creation of a new shop design, the technical development of the interior and the work out of the entire corporate design guidelines including project management for the realisation of the shops. Boutique projects and factory outlet shops right down to travel retail shops were realised in a unified visual outlook.

A touch from empress Sissy

The original coach house of castle in Vienna reminds visitors about the era of the reign Elisabeth «Sissi» of Austria. Today visitors of the castle can enjoy the fine chocolate products made by the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Sprüngli.

The former coach house building was respectfully kept according to its historical outlook. The facade was painted new but in its original colour and all signage elements were designed with classic features right above the main entrance and at the sun shades beside the entrance.

The main attraction within the Lindt & Sprüngli Boutiques is the Maître Chocolatioer, who demonstrates his artistic skills behind the show counter. It is a real adventure, to watch the artists whilst creating their chocolate art works.

The fine products of the Lindt & Sprüngli world of chocolates – Unique products embedded into an attractive and matching product environment.

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