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The PIER ZERO Bar is the spot in Helsinki Airport where you begin your journey – of course right after that you have gone through all the hassle of checking in. The design mainly sets new standards with regards to the architectural appearance and structural set-ups in the world of Gastronomy. The design is unambiguously a milestone in the producibility of structural designs and there is not one single component straight or simple. Together with the outstanding visual appearance it forms a combination of uniqueness and quality. The overall creative design is minimalistic and does not offer one single bric-a-brac. It is a clean and decent piece of «state of the art architecture» which will remain timeless for the upcoming decades.

Think global but act local

«Scandinavian Design – made in Switzerland». Our Credo «think global but act local» can be perfectly applied to the Pier Zero project. We wanted to create Scandinavian Design based on our own individual creative ideas. From the perspective of the clients we very much achieved this goal.

Inspired by the mutual understanding of modern, new-age architecture of one of the most famous architects of the past century Alvar Aalto (Finland), we achieved winning the international design competition launched by HMSHost and FINAVIA.

The «Pier» is in the truest sense of the word one of the basic ideas of the bar- & restaurant concept of Pier Zero. Finland is the land of the thousand lakes and accompanied with this fact thousands of piers can be found along their shores. The wood used for the mezzanine floor stands symbolically for the «pier».

The decent appearance, designed with fine interior fit-out material invites for an enjoyable stay.

State-of-the-art Architecture as the winner of the design competition in Helsinki Airport – «Scandinavian Design – made in Switzerland».

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