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The Sprüngli Café & Lounge design was designed as a «theatre stage to the world» – the actor’s ensemble are all the unique products of the world’s best confectionery – the modern and timeless architecture of the airport is the coulisse and the curtain for a wide international audience. The simplicity and the elegance as also the functionality and friendly customer service form the basis for this spectacular café & lounge design concept. An integral solution was achieved which in the front line respects operational and functional requirements of Confiserie Sprüngli, aesthetically matching the architectonic environment of Zurich Airport’s Airside Center.

Comfort and exclusivity

A lounge-platform was designed, leaning on the shape of the adjacent commercial side wings within the Airside Center. This platform brings over a feel of comfort and exclusivity. Colours and materials were consciously selected in a way that they are in accordance with the chocolate products of the company.

Every single furniture detail was designed and developed with respect and adequate care and kept as decent as possible. An exciting combination of freestanding product showcases and refrigerated counters offer passengers a beautiful view into the product multiplicity of Confiserie Sprüngli.

To experience a cup of coffee with a chocolate-brioche prior to take-off is a culinarian highlight combined with the spectacular view onto the apron of Zurich International Airport.

The Sprüngli Café & Lounge in the heart of the Airside Center of Zurich International Airport – a theatre stage to the world, aesthetically perfectly embedded into the architectonic environment.

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